zippynkChat for Windows/Linux

Server (for admin only):

zippynkChat Server for Windows/Linux

Linux Users: Download the Windows/Linux version and run it through Wine. (It doesn't work through Wine on Mac, in case you wanted to ask.)

Screenshots Admin/Mod Tutorials

zippynkChat is an easy-to-use, cross-platform chat client. It is made in modifications of Scratch.

There will soon be an open source version, but it will have different variables/broadcasts, to prevent hacking to a closed-source version.

Now, let's look at the same chat on both the client and the server.

Screenshots (back to top)



Note: The number at the beginning of the messages is the IP address of the sender. Since the test was run with the client and the server on the same computer, that number was the same for both users.

Admin/Mod Tutorials (back to top)


/mute and /unmute to mute/unmute someone, you will then be prompted with who you want to mute/unmute. This will also apply to all other accounts on their computer. Note that the admin (although not the mods) can still see what muted people say.

/mod and /unmod to make someone a mod/demote them. You will then be prompted with who this applies to.

/server reset clears the mute list, the mods list, and the people list.


/mute or /unmute and then usernameto mute/unmute someone (example "/mute spammer123"). Please note that the admin (although not the mods) can still see what muted people say.