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Zippynk Software and it's employees are not liable to damage in any way, to your computer, reputation, emotions, or anything else. Please note there are several creative programs on this site. Do not use them to post any illegal content, encourage illegal activity, or infringe copyright. You are responsible for everything you do on this site, and anything that may happen as a result of using this site. Contxent on this site is provided without warranty of any kind.


This site is monitored with Google Analytics. This means we may collect anonymous info (eg. location, OS, browser, pages you visit, time on site, time you visited), but it will not be presented to anyone except in an anonymous way (eg. A lot of people from Antarctica like to use zippynkChat or I had a visit from Antarctica today). We will not publish this info online (except for possibly info that is completely anonymous (eg. We have 25 views total, we had 6 views today.

N K Instant Blogger:

You take full responsibility for all content you post with N K instant blogger — legally, socially, and in any other fashion that may occour. I am also not responsible for any lost data, by the "clear blog" button or otherwise. You may notice that there is a footer saying "Instant blogging powered by NK Instant Blogger." at the end of each blog. Please do not remove this footer. It violates the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license and therefore these terms.

If you do not agree with these terms, please do not use or browse the site.

Zippynk Software reserves the right to update these terms and/or privacy policy at any time, as long as we edit the last updated info below.

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