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TwSMS - A command line tool to send and receive SMS messages via Twilio.

NQAsocial - A no-questions-asked, 1-click-setup social networking system written in Python and


Coming Soon

DefiniMuse - A cross-platform desktop music player.

DefiniMoose - An open-source clone of the various Talking Moose programs.

IntuiGit - A very simple Git client, designed for Beginners.

Other Products


CMRP - A protocol for referencing previous messages over IRC.

JumbleCipher - A Python library for working with jumbled ceaser ciphers.

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Ripoffbot - A ripoff of a mailbot that people were using on an IRC channel that I frequent. When the mailbot broke, I decided to program a clone of it by forking Hardmath123's Jokebot, since I didn't have the source code to the original. However, eventually, the problems in the original were fixed. The result: a ripoff, for which the best use is an open source clone of the original.

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Chat.PY Reboot - A nostalgic reboot/fork of Magnie Mozios's Chat.PY project, version 2.0 (server version 1.5-license), with code modified to make it easier to set up a server.

Client | Server

Products from the Old Site

These are things I created a while ago, and in case anyone really wants to continue using them, I feel bad about taking them down. I wrote most of them when I was in 6th Grade. Please do not judge me by them, or their documentation.

N K E-Cards - A simple online E-Card system.

HTML Playroom - A page telling you that the real HTML Playroom is down and will be back up soon. No, I don't currently plan to put it back up. I don't think I even know where the files are.

BOSS (Basic Online Operating System) - An online desktop environment.

zippynkChat - A chat program, written in Scratch. Not exactly secure, so I don't reccomend using it in any non-trivial situations.

N K Instant Blogger - A Mac-Only tool for creating a twitter-like microblog.

QuickTXTWrite - A plain text editor for mac, plus an online flash gimmick for non-Mac users.