N K Instant Blogger is a simple way to blog — Faster than "New Post" buttons, no web design experience required. Think of it as something somewhat like Twitter, just a cleaner design. (No comments or following either, sorry.)

You do have to have a hosting site, though, and you have to have access to it via a folder on your computer. The best way to do this is via a Dropbox public folder. Make a sub-folder of the public folder choose that as your Blog Hosting Location, and then find the public link to the file "webversion.txt" inside that folder.

Currently, N K Instant Blogger is only available for Mac, and I don't plan on making a windows version.

Please note that when viewing a blog made with N K Instant Blogger, you will need to refresh the page to view the newest posts.

The Shortest Terms Of Use Ever Written:

You take full responsibility for all content you post with N K instant blogger — legally, socially, and in any other fashion that may occour. I am also not responsible for any lost data, by the "clear blog" button or otherwise. You may notice that there is a footer saying "Instant blogging powered by NK Instant Blogger." at the end of each blog. Please do not remove this footer. It violates the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license and therefore these terms.